Efficient device management for Vögtlins thermal mass flow meters and controllers

With the free get red-y software, users now have PC access to all connected Vögtlin measuring and control devices. Beside displaying key information, users can also view and modify various operating parameters.

Software get red-y for thermal mass flow meters and controllers

Thanks to intelligent device monitoring, the software is a perfect service and analysis tool, e.g. to check and adjust settings.


Device Information

  • Display all key device information, e.g. reading, temperature, total, valve voltage etc.
  • Specify a setpoint for flow and pressure controllers
  • Assign a device name, e.g. name of measuring point ID
  • Change the device address (Modbus, Profibus)
  • Visualization of measured data
  • Adjust the control speed

Operating State Monitoring 
The software monitors key operating parameters and indicates irregularities such as:

  • Sensor and communication errors
  • Unusual device behavior (instability, contamination, etc.)

Switch Measurement Units and Gas Type

  • Select the desired units of measurement
  • For devices that have been calibrated for several different gases (multigas), user can switch to different stored gas data sets

Plug and Play with USB Cable 
Digital communication cable USB/RS485 (PDM-U Art. 328-2169) and versatile cable accessories ensure that measurement and control devices can be operated troublefree from the PC.

Logging & Mixing Module (optional)

  • Mix gases with fixed percental proportions
  • Master/Slave mixing function
  • Visualize and log all measured data
  • Export as CSV file for further use in MS Excel or similar program.

Calibration & Adjustment (optional)

  • The calibration module can be used to check for deviations in the red-y smart series mass flow meters and controllers.
  • The supplemental adjustment module permits manual or automatic adjustment.

System requirements

  • The get red-y 5 software runs under Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10.
  • For required hardware, please refer to the operating manual of the software.