Pressure switches, Gems

Pressure switches – Product list

Gems Sensors and Controls pressure switches cover a wide range of applications from 2 to 6000psi (40mbar to 400bar). More
Adjustable Pressure Switches, Gems

Adjustable pressure switches

Gems Sensors is a leading manufacturer of both adjustable pressure switches and factory set pressure switches. More

PS61 Subminiature pressure switch, Gems updates

PS61 OEM Subminiature pressure switch – Updates

Gems Sensors and Controls updates to the PS61 Pressure switch product family. More

PS61 Subminiature pressure switch, Gems

PS61 OEM Subminiature pressure switch

The PS61 subminiature pressure switches are suitable for a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic applications including medical, general industry, fire. More

Vacuum pressure switches, Gems

Vacuum pressure switches and sensors

Gems Sensors ultra-long life vacuum and economical miniature vacuum switches. More

Solid state pressure switches, Gems

Low pressure cutoff switches

Answering the demand for solid-state switches, Gems proudly offers the PS98. Built from our proven CVD and ASIC design, the PS98 solid state pressure switch offers greater accuracy in rough environments. More