Capacitance low pressure transducers

This large family of sensors includes models for positive pressures to 10,000psi (700bar), absolute vacuums, differential pressures, barometric pressure, low pressures (0 - 15psi / 0 - 1bar), and clean-in-place 3A sanitary applications.

Capacitance low pressure transducers, Gems
Capacitive transducers are simple, durable and fundamentally stable. Variable capacitor technology, a rugged physical configuration, stainless steel wetted parts and a careful marriage of the mechanical assembly to the electronic circuitry combine to create highly repeatable transducers with low hysteresis and only 0.5% long-term-drift full scale per year, for high and low pressure sensing applications.

For OEMs that need consistent high levels of performance, reliability and stability for low pressure measurement, 3500 series pressure transducers are answer. They are compact and feature all-316 stainless steel wetted parts at an unbeatable price performance ratio. A wide choice of electrical outputs as well as both electrical and pressure connections means the unit is suitable for most applications without modification. Their small size makes of 3500 series transducers ideal for installation where space is at a premium.

The MMS sensor used in these transducers quickly reaches full accuracy at power-up, making this series excellent for remote, battery-powered installations, where power draw and time must be minimized.