Isolation solenoid valves

Isolation solenoid valves – Gems solenoid valves are designed to your specifications for each unique application. Each series offers a broad range of constructon/performance options to build an endless array of configurations. More

Cryogenic solenoid valves

Miniature Cryogenic solenoid valves – designed and built for service down to -196°C, configured for liquid nitrogen (LN2), liquid carbon dioxide (LC02), and other extreme temperature media. More

General purpose solenoid valves

Highly adaptable design, latching valve, direct acting, high flow control, ruggedly designed solenoid valves, versatile miniature and sub-miniature solenoid valve, battery-powered applications, humidifier solenoid valve. More

Solenoid valves – Product list

Gems Sensors and Controls designs and manufactures a complete range of 2-way normally open/closed, 2-way normally closed, and 3-way directional miniature solenoid valves, available in general purpose, cryogenic (-195,56°C) and isolation types. More