Solenoid valves – Product list

Gems Sensors and Controls designs and manufactures a complete range of 2-way normally open/closed, 2-way normally closed, and 3-way directional miniature solenoid valves, available in general purpose, cryogenic (-195,56°C) and isolation types.

Solenoid valves, Gems

Their rugged construction incorporates a bubble tight plunger for reliable operation over millions of cycles without failure, making them ideal for use within demanding environments.

Please consult the Gems standard product catalog for a comprehensive listing of available solenoid valves for immediate customer shipment.

For more complex applications, Gems can integrate multiple solenoid valves, switches, sensors and other components into a single custom control module. Custom manifolds can also be designed and manufactured in OEM volumes with short lead times.

  • General purpose solenoid valves
  • Cryogenic solenoid valves,
  • Isolation solenoid valves