Gems electronic flow sensors

Rotor flow sensors provide visual indication, continuous sensing and accurate switching and turbine flow sensors.

Electronic flow sensors, Gems

RotorFlow Sensors

  • Bright, visual indication with choice of pulsed DC output, or adjustable 1 amp switched output.
  • Flow ranges from .1 GPM to 60.0 GPM
  • Compact inline housings
  • Available in high performance plastic, brass, or stainless steel housings.

Determined to provide you with the most versatile line of flow sensors available, we've continued a non-stop refinement process for the entire RotorFlow series.
Gems new generation of RotorFlow sensors, the RF-2500 series flow switch, has been totally re-engineered with a one piece composite rotor, stronger unibody construction, ceramic shaft and better sealing.
The results are greater durability with broader chemical, temperature and pressure capabilities.

Today's RotorFlow Series is state-of-the art and offers more options, better performance and durability than ever before...all at an affordable price geared for high volume, OEM applications.

  • Switch types
  • Output types
  • Indicator types


Turbine Sensors

FT-110 Series
Gems hall effect turbine flow rate sensor is ideal for OEM applications involving low flow liquid monitoring. The low cost coupled with 1 / 2% repeatability makes it an ideal candidate for replacing dispensing timer systems. Unlike timing systems, turbine technology is not influenced by changes in system pressure caused by aging filters. The sensor's standard power and output specifications make it easy to retrofit to existing controllers.

  • Low flow rates of 0.5 to 30L / Min (.1 to 8 GPM)
  • Accuracy ±3% of reading
  • Mounts in any orientation

Gems FT-210 features proven turbine technology in a small package for low flow applications. The turbine technology provides a highly repeatable sensor ideally suited for measurement of either volume dispensing and/or flow rate applications. The small turbine reacts quickly to on/off dispensing applications. Each sensor is 100% tested, ensuring years of service life. Units are available in Grivory for use in methanol/ethanol.

  • Low flow rates .1 to 2.5 LPM
  • Accuracy ±3% of reading
  • Lightweight turbine ensures fast startup

The FT-330 is highly accurate and repeatable, Hall Effect turbine flow sensor designed for low flow OEM applications. This low cost, NSF Std. 61 listed flow sensor is ideal for water or beverage dispensing applications or any application with water based liquids. The 316SS shaft coupled with Delrin bearings allows for accurate measurments during quick dispensing cycles. The sensor's standard power and output specificaitons make it easy to retrofit existing controllers.

  • Low flow rates of .2 to 4 GPM
  • Accuracy ±2% of reading
  • Overmolded electronics with integral cable strain reinforcement